Under Deficiency disease








Under Nutrients

(a)Vitamin D

(b)vitamin C

(c)vitamin B – 3




Under Food Source

(a)fish oil, egg yolk


(c)peanut, animal protein

(d)egg yolks, red meat




(i) It gives the dough it’s strength and structure

(ii) It helps in eradicating most harmful microorganisms

(iii) This method is easier and enhances the food to be thoroughly cooked

(iv) This aids in removal of any dirt



(i)It causes cancer

(ii)It causes Arsenic exposure

(iii)It causes food poisoning and diarrhoea



(i)it causes cyanide

(ii)It causes arsenic and cadmium

(iii)It causes impair thyroid and nerve function.




(i)in an emergency you may need to health information from relatives

(ii)where a patient is a child, or an adult who lacks capacity, you may need to collect the information from parents, guardians or relatives,

(iii)where a pathologist collects a specimen and related information from a referring provider.



(i)Research will enable people know That locally grown food is full of flavor.

(ii)Research will enable people know that local food has more nutrients.

(iii)Research will enable people know That Local food supports the local economy.

(iv)Research will enable people know That Local food benefits the environment.



(i)negative pre-processing moods of high intensity


(ii)negative pre-processing moods of moderate intensity


(iii)negative non-attribute information, and attribute information that creates the impression that consideration, purchase and/or consumption of their products



(iv)negative pre-processing moods Proposition range


(v) negative pre-processing moods, of “emotion as a benefit toward the consumer”


(vi)negative pre-processing mood scenarios and optimal mix of consumption.



(i) nutritional value, weight


(ii) country of origin

(iii) use by date

(iv) allergen warnings




(i) Chill food straight away (but let it cool first) The main reason to refrigerate or chill food is to prevent the growth of bacteria, which can cause illness.

(ii) Eat most leftovers within two days.

(iii) Freeze leftovers before use-by date.

(iv) Respect use by dates.

(v) Be smart about your fridge layout.



(i) It is economical because food will not go to waste.

(ii) Less preparation is required and this serves on time and energy.

(iii) It saves on labour because less. preparation is required.



(i) Food preservation prevents the food from being spoiled by the action of enzymes and microorganisms.

(ii) Food preservation increases the safe storage period of foodstuffs.




(i)Nutritive value of Beverage

(ii)Alcoholic and non- Alcoholic beverage



(i)Their nutritive values are high in vitamins,protein and fat


(ii)They supply energy to the body


(iii)They act as stimulants(Tea and coffee and contain fermented sugar


(iv)They have strong flavour and act as a sedative when consumed excessively


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