This topic is so interesting as myself and a friend been having gist on time travel after rewatching Infinity War & Endgame.

Using time-travel, you will have the privilege to correct your mistake in the past as Captain America and Iron Man traveled to their old memories and made correction which took effect in their present life.

Now, let’s move to President Buhari’s tenure in the office since 2015.

Sentiment apart, Buhari has done so many things that the whole country is benefiting for and I can’t dispute the fact that we’re also enduring hardship. That’s normal!

Every country face those challenges too, you can’t expect the sky to be all white.

I don’t know how you’ve been dealing with your daily needs and everything in general, but if God reverse time to 2015 to make correction and take us back to 2020. I believe you’ll have so many things to adjust in your personal life, but we also need to attend to our presidential issue.

Will You Still Choose Buhari As Nigerian President?


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