What is called cheating is a threat to many relationships.

A man can never be cool with a cheating woman in a relationship, not even when you’re playing your role well as a man in the relationship.

A lot of things can make a woman cheat in a relationship. One of those things is if the man cannot satisfy her financial needs.

At first, her love for you can cloud her eyes not to feel the poor aspect of you but the moment, there is another guy paying her bills constantly, there are high chances that she will cheat.

The same applies to your sex game as a guy, no girl can be comfortable with a one minute man.

Most times, women want a man that satisfies their sexual desire well and good, if you have shortcomings in this area, she may cheat on you one day with a guy who can satisfy her more than you do.

But the question is if a man can meet up with these two important things in a relationship, can the woman still cheat?

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If A Man Settles His Woman’s Bills And Still Satisfy Her In Bed, Can She Still Cheat On Him?

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