By Sampson Unamka

Instagram comedian, Gbadamosi Agbonjor Jonathan aka Mc Edo Pikin, has clarified the misconception of him being a human rights activist.

He made this known in a recent Instagram live interview saying, “some people came to my page saying I am the activist of our time, I’m not an activist, I’m just doing what a normal citizen of a country should do. It is a normal thing, it is normal for us to complain, it is normal for us to say enough is enough, so by the time you start doing all these things people will start calling you an activist.

“I just express my displeasure over the recent happenings in our country and it is my right. I can always tell if the government is doing well or not and also inform the people about it, enlighten them about it, it is my right to do that so that’s just it and that is what everybody should be doing”.

Continuing MC Edo Pikin urged the youths to speak in one voice, “It is for us to join our minds together, put our hands together, what so ever you’re doing, if you are an entertainer push the message through entertainment, if you are a political scientist, push it through that angle, whatsoever you are doing just make sure you send your message.”

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