Popular socialite and Real Estate Mogul, Hushpuppi is probably cooling off with FBI or Interpol in the United State.

No one knows what will happen to the billionaire Gucci master if he is eventually tried in court for the alleged

$35 million employment scam.

Let’s imagine Hushpuppi‘s real friends are determined to help him escape from the FBI or Interpol custody with the help of either Micheal Scofield or Professor.

Micheal Scofield and Professor are two movie characters known for the role of planning and executing successful escape from prison or any difficult situations.

From your knowledge of Micheal Scofield in Prison Break and professor in Money Heist, the question is

Between Micheal Scofield & Professor – Who Would You Pick To Help Hushpuppi Escape From FBI, Interpol Custody?

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