Adeniyi Adewoyin



Nengi has said she doesn’t want Ozo to leave the House till the last day.

She said she can’t imagine life without him in the House.

The Bayelsa -born former beauty queen said this during a discussion with Ozo shortly after their fall out at the Saturday night party.

She said: “I know we are going to be together in the finale. One week without you in this House, my God I will die.

“What am I going to be doing? Talking to who? Who am I going to bully? You have to be there, I need to bully you Ozo.

“My life will be miserable, I will have the most boring week ever. Neo and Vee will be doing their booed up thing so who will I be talking to”.

Ozo however asked why she was saying all these to which she replied: “I’m telling you because I want you to survive the eviction so you better survive it.”

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