The hope of students was raised when the Federal Government declared 18th January, 2021 as the official resumption date for schools across the nation. Many schools have resumed following strictly the COVID-19 guidelines. On Monday 18th January, 2021, The Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF) said it will meet on Wednesday 20th, to find a solution out of the second wave of COVID 19 across the country as schools is about to be reopened.

In a statement released by its spokesman, the Governors forum said it was alarmed by the intensity of the second wave of the COVID 19 global pandemic and the recent development in reopening of schools across the country. The number of new cases in Nigeria skyrocketed to over 1,000 new cases as of Sunday with 15 deaths.

The Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF) meeting scheduled for Wednesday will be the first for the Governors in 2021 and will be conducted virtually. Various matters will also be discussed at the meeting include revenue sharing and the water resources bill. This recent development have sent chills to the veins of Nigerian Students as the hope of continuation of school may be suspended as certain options to help curb the spread of the virus will be explored in the Governor’s Forum Meeting.

Nevertheless, various schools have reopened across the country and students have been mandated to comply to the COVID 19 guideline to avoid the spread of the various. Nigerians should obey all the COVID guidelines as the fight for peaceful and free environment is still on. In conclusion, students should be ready to accept whatever outcome of the meeting as it will be for the benefit of all Nigerians

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