By Sam Anokam


Popular actors, Segun Arinze, and Prince Ifeanyi Dike have featured in an upcoming film, ‘Endless Revenge’.

The film, a project by Axion Entertainment, is scheduled for release in December 2020 after a slated premiere in Lagos, Owerri, and Michigan USA.

‘Endless Revenge’ also features Dupe Noma, Frank Okafor among others.

The project, which sees the producer, Prince Dike partnering with the U.S.-based company, will see the production of four films annually.

Speaking on the partnership, Dike says, “First, I am in partnership with this company that promises to be producing at least four quality movies every year.” On the upcoming flick, the veteran actor and TV host say, “The message in this movie cannot be downplayed or overlooked as it is a big issue in our society today. The story is about a nun that was raped after which hell was let loose. I don’t want to give out details of the movie but it teaches a lot of lessons. By the time you watch this movie, there will be no more rape because there is a hanging message there.

Axion entertainment has now come into the system to stay and part of our target is to discover new stars like Debbie Nwachukwu in this film. Watch out for her.”


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