By Sam Anokam


Musician and record label executive, Uzoma Day Omenka, has released a new song in memory of the legendary Majek Fashek.

Omenka, the CEO of Miracle Day Music, released a special tribute to the late rainmaker, whom he managed his music business till death.

The tribute by Omenka, ‘Walk Without You,’ was released alongside, ‘God Bless Lagos,’ a dedicated single for Lagos state.

Speaking on the song, Omenka said, “There is no better time to drop these songs than October 1, a day when our great country celebrated its 60th independence anniversary. The songs are deep, meaningful, and surely connect to true lovers of music.”

Omenka announced the death of Majek Fashek after he had flown with him to the United Kingdom for medical attention before his family flew him to the United States of America, where he eventually passed away.


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