By Adeniyi Adewoyin

Dorathy has explained why her relationship with evicted Bright O didn’t work.

She revealed what transpired between them when she slept on his bed days before his eviction.

Dorathy said her conversation with Bright O the night she slept on his bed made her realise they weren’t made for each other.

She noted they only had five lines of discussion.

She said: “I slept on the same bed with Bright O that night because I really wanted to know if I had true feelings or was having an infatuation.

“That was the whole idea and after that day it felt awkward.

“I left in the middle of the night because it was like I was forcing the conversation and I’m not available for that kind of relationship.

“We had five lines of discussions and I just stood up from his bed and left. He saw me leaving but didn’t say anything or look for me.

“To my shock, the next morning, Bright O did not say anything. That was when I knew me and this guy cannot have anything together.

“Prince also said it could not work between us because I could not put in the work confirming Bright O was difficult. Wathoni did that and that’s why they got closer.”

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