How do you keep your cars in excellent condition and avert breakdowns this rainy season, amid the bad roads, marsh and flood? These were some of the questions Emmanuel Okeke, a University of Ibadan History graduate-turned auto refurbishment expert, fielded during a recent interaction with EMMA ANYA.

Driving during rainy season?

Car maintenance has nothing to do with season.  It is something every car owner should do, literally every day. There are some major things one must look out for before putting a car on the road.

We all know that our roads are virtually not motorable. Therefore, we must ensure we have very good tyres because those are the part that march the ground and prevent accidents, especially during rainy season. Tyres are to a car what legs are to humans. They keep you firm on the ground.

One should also have good break system. Before you drive out, check under your car to be sure there is no leakage, check that you have enough break oil and confirm that your brake pads are good enough.

Also, check your wipers to be sure that they wipe your screens very well. When you drive with worn out wipers during the rains, you are more prone to accidents, because you’ll likely have poor vision. When you are faced with such a challenge, the best thing is to park and wait for the rain to subside.

Again, your lights, including the trafficators and hazard lights, must be in excellent working conditions. With good lighting system, you are sure to see well especially at night. Vehicles behind you will also see you well when it is raining. All these save you from accidents.

You must also avoid speeding when it is raining because roads get slippery and dangerous.

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